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Alpha Bearings supplies valves in either stainless steel (exhaust material) or in Nimonic 80. This makes certain that they are suited to the lead free fuels used today. Care should be taken when using a stainless steel valve in a cast iron valve guide. The application of either a valve with a suitable surface treatment or a phosphor bronze valve guide. Since the designation of the valve does not specify the application to the extent that it is always known that it will be used in a particular guide material the specific application is left to you. Should you wish to use a cast iron valve guide then please ask for the valve to be supplied with a hard chrome or nitrided stem. These treatments are only required on exhaust valves. In the same way any valves that are dimensionally the same as the corresponding exhaust valve will only be supplied in stainless exhaust material.

Valve guides are available in a variety of materials. In the normal way they can be ordered in either cast iron or in a high quality phosphor bronze. However any bronze alloy can be ordered including aluminium bronze to special order.

The following valve and valve guide references are only the popular listings and represent only a portion of the full range available. Please contact us if your special requirements are not listed.


  • AJS less than 500cc

    AJS over 500cc


    BSA less than 500cc

    BSA over 500cc

    Matchless less than 500cc

    Matchless over 500cc



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